Results of the votes from General Membership Meeting on 10/25/2020

  First, the union would like to thank everyone who attended last night’s general membership meeting. Your continued support really does make a difference and allows us to have a seat at the table during this ongoing public health crisis. However, although our turn out was good overall, we still did not get enough members present to have the quorum needed to vote on the changes to the constitution. Due to this, there was no vote held on the measure. We would like to remind you that your attendance at these meetings is crucial to our continued efforts to make your workplace a better place. We understand that there are many obligations that can keep one from attending the meetings, but we do hope to see an increased turn out in the future. Despite not voting on the constitution changes, other votes were held which include the election of officers and stewards.

             The results of the election are as follows:

             Vice President (2 Year Term)- Jared Baldwin          

  Treasurer (2 Year Term)- Christy Trent           

 Stewards: (2 Year Terms)- Jeanette Dohner, Candice Jeske


In addition to the officer and steward positions, the following were elected to the Negotiations Committee for the upcoming contract negotiations for 2021:

             Professional Staff- Melissa Groveman          

  Support Staff-Victoria Hix          

   We also held the vote on the new MOU between the union and the library detailing an agreement that was passed almost unanimously by those in attendance. The current MOU expires 10/31 and the new one passed last night begins immediately after and will last until 12/31/2020. The terms and conditions of the MOU are, for the most part the same as the one we have now, except for the added benefit that all bargaining unit staff will receive their 2.5% raise beginning the pay period that includes October 25th.

             Finally, we held a discussion and poll about Covid-19 and the impact it has had on you personally and professionally. We hope to get out the survey to all of you soon so that way we can better understand what else needs to be discussed with administration to make your workplace a safer and better place.